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I’m the founder of Onwards and Upwards Psychology, mum of two human babies (and one fur) and a passionate paediatric psychologist. My passion lies in supporting children and families to connect to, understand embrace their whole-heated and unique selves. When you come to a session, my aim is to provide a safe space to explore difficult emotions, to help guide you on your child’s developmental journey using the latest evidence-based strategies and assessment tools, and to have a little fun along the way.

Our services

Onwards and Upwards Psychology has a special interest in helping neurodivergent (autistic and attention variant) children. We are able to help with other issues across the developmental stages of life and enhancing or adapting educational needs.

Unfortunately, our wait list for individual psychological consultations is now CLOSED due to overwhelming demand. Workshops to answer common questions will be run as means of providing psychological support to a larger community. Do click below to find out more about our available workshops. 


Assessments are helpful ways of gaining a better picture of where your child is at developmentally. It can be used to rule in or out diagnoses. Cognitive assessments can help reveal your child's unique profile
Commence ongoing therapy to help teach your child the unique set of skills required in their emotional toolbox. Sessions take a family-approach, helping the child as well as the parent support them in their journey
We offer workshops to deeply understand your child's neurodivergent brain and implement strategies to help them manage their challenges as well as access their gifts. Other workshops are available on a rotating basis.

Our Mission

At Onwards and Upwards, our aim is to teach kids to be confident and connected with their emotions and embrace their wholehearted, unique selves.

We recognize the important role that we get to play in mental health early intervention and the flow on effects in contributing to more emotionally stable and successful adults. The clinic uses a strengths-based approach and positive psychology in working with a child's strengths and weaknesses. We hope that in celebrating them, they learn to celebrate themselves.

Our Blog

Understanding neurodiversity

What a wonderful time in history it is to be neurodivergent! We're learning more about autism everyday. It started first with medical professionals studying this as a phenomenon, and [...]

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