Onwards and Upwards Psychology – 8 Week Online Workshop Series

Raising an Autistic Child, Authentically

Come on a journey to understanding autism from the neurodiversity paradigm. Learn to view autism not as a disorder but simply as a different and wonderful way of processing the world.

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Dear Parents,

Imagine having somewhere to learn and reflect deeply about raising an autistic child and a community to check in with when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed.  

The Onwards and Upwards Psychology, eight-week online course: ‘Raising an Autistic Child, Authentically’ brings you the latest knowledge on raising an autistic child and connects you with other parents and caregivers going through the same things you are.

The course will help you deepen your translation of what autism is, and you’ll learn to understand why your child does things the way they do.

Sandhya Menon, child psychologist, delivers a heart-centered education, where you will:

  • Get the most up-to-date information about autism and understand how to discuss neurodiversity.
  • Learn how to embrace life as a neurodiverse family.
  • Have a safe space to feel understood, heard, and respected.
  • Learn how to make small changes that make a big difference to your family life.
  • Expand your knowledge about autism.
  • Gain practical support.

This course lets you explore neurodiversity as an avenue to learning more about your child’s strengths and difficulties.

7 Tuesdays 8-9 pm on ZOOM from 20th July 2021

Week 8 – in person

Week 1: Autism according to the neurodiversity paradigm and the social model of disability

Week 2: Sensory processing systems

Week 3: Emotional regulation – understanding challenging behaviour

Week 4: Emotional regulation – responding to challenging behaviour

Week 5: Parenting under Stress

Week 6: Navigating the social world – friendships and living life as a neurodiverse family

Week 7: Your choice of topic – What would you like to know about raising an autistic child?

Week 8: Let’s meet up!  This week we will meet in-person and continue to learn from and support each other

Learn how to raise an autistic child in an authentic, calm, and supportive space.

The cost for this eight-week workshop series is $800—a non-refundable deposit of $100 due at time confirmation.

Sound Good?

Here’s how to join:

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Please email Sandhya Menon: or call 0420758437 to find out more about the program.

Onwards and Upwards Psychology – Full Day Workshop

Come spend a day with an ADHD’er, and Educational and Developmental Psychologist, in understanding deeply the neurology of ADHD. This workshop will leave you with a greater understanding and appreciation of the ADHD brain and how it operates.

This course will cover:

  • Understanding ADHD as not a deficit of attention but rather one of variable attention
  • The fun brain science behind an ADHD’er. This will appeal greatly to those of you who enjoy logic-driven strategies!
  • The drivers of ADHD – what motivates an ADHD’er?
  • How to get stuff done when you’ve got ADHD
  • Associated difficulties, such as executive functioning, sleep, time blindness and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD)
  •  Concrete tools and strategies. (Because nothing quite says ADHD workshop like needing to get something DONE straightaway!)
  • Personal experience of an ADHD’ing adult.

My favourite part about this is yes, there will be concrete tools and strategies – things you can take away and implement the very same day. More than that? Participants will walk away with a deep understanding. This means they will be equipped to think flexibly about unique problems that may arise and implement their own strategies to support their child.

The cost for this full day workshop is $400. Get your ticket here!