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Sandhya Menon


Best known for: Educational and Developmental Psychologist
Alternate title: Professional Child
Less known for: Giving dogs cuddles in cafes

Hi there, I’m Sandhya Menon, an Educational and Developmental Psychologist, loud and proud Inner Westie, and passionate about supporting children and families to connect to their wholehearted selves.

Onwards and Upwards Psychology is my happy place, and I hope it will come to be yours too. It’s designed to be a safe space for children and families to feel understood, heard and respected. Personally? The most important factor in determining successful intervention is rapport and connection, in telling the child “I see your true self”, past all the challenging behaviours. I am passionate about advocating for equality amongst different races, sex, genders and neurotypes. Particularly, I am invested in research that supports neurodivergent individuals to have access to the rites of passage that neurotypicals take for granted, such as education, employment and relationships. I work on the premise of neuroaffirmative practice, where the counselling space is a safe space for the neurodivergent to be themselves, stimming, flapping, fidgeting and all.

I support children and families in learning about their emotions and brains, and to learn to predict and work with the uncomfortable emotions that arise. I explore challenging situations, and delve under the iceberg into what’s causing these emotions to arise, and then work with families/schools so environments around the child support their success and growth. Along the way? We celebrate *hard*, all the successes, all the wonderful things that maketh the individual.

Real, emotion-connecting, successful adult-building work…. done with dinosaurs and Lego (or your child’s interest)