What to Expect


Walk into our inviting waiting room at the Sum of Us, where Sandhya will meet with you shortly and bring you into her consulting room.

The initial consultation will be a parent-only appointment, where one or both parents can meet with Sandhya and feel free to share their concerns. Sandhya will ask you a few questions about your child’s developmental history, how long the issue has been occurring and what has been done thus far to help support the issue. It would be most helpful if you could send through any relevant reports prior to this appointment so that Sandhya has a chance to review these reports and discuss them with you. Having a parent-only appointment will ensure that the first session with your child can be kept to building rapport with your child and developing a positive therapeutic relationship.

As a paediatric psychologist, I usually say we talk (mostly!) about the 3 big Fs –



  3. FUN

We may talk about some of the different feelings you have, some of which are comfortable (like happy, silly, loved, excited) , some of which are uncomfortable (frustrated, sad, worried, lonely) and can explore this with some cards or drawing.

We can play together and have fun, exploring important skills like turn taking, development of imaginative play and working together.

If things ever get too much, remember – therapy is designed to be a safe space. Sandhya will do her best to be in tune with your emotional cues and recognise signs of overwhelm, and may offer you a break. There are lots of break options available, such as a fidget box, sensory seating, a bouncy ball or even a mini-trampoline, depending on what your body needs. Please feel free to let Sandhya know that you need a break as well. All feelings are welcome here, and recognising your own signals is not only welcome, but respected.


I can’t wait to see you soon!